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Strategic Advocacy For Homeowner And Townhome Associations

Drawn by business-friendly regulations and lucrative opportunities, corporations and individuals beat a steady path to Houston and its surrounding areas. The influx of new residents has sparked a residential real estate boom, creating a space for homeowner and townhome associations to flourish.

Helping new and existing communities grow in the right direction takes legal insight and agile planning. Whether you are a self managed board of directors or a  management company responsible for overseeing one community association or 1,000, our attorneys at Gregg & Gregg are here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with collections, deed restriction compliance and other legal issues dealing with your homeowners association.

Sorry, We Represent HOAs Only
We get many inquiries from individual homeowners who are in a dispute with their HOA board. Unfortunately, this would create a conflict of interest because we counsel and represent more than 50 homeowner and townhome associations in the Houston area.

Your Reliable Legal Partner

Our partners are native Texans who have fostered long-standing relationships with clients and associations throughout the area. Having practiced law for decades, our attorneys are respected for their substantial understanding of the law and their deep commitment to our clients.

Homeowner association (HOA) management companies, independent property managers and community association board members turn to us for astute representation on straightforward and contentious matters. See our HOA client list. New and anchor clients rely on our family-owned firm to provide tailored, responsive assistance for a variety of issues, which includes:

  • Collection of delinquent accounts
  • Overseeing monthly and special assessment collections
  • Enforcing and updating deed restrictions
  • Completing and filing documents with local and state agencies
  • Updating association bylaws, covenants and rules
  • Handling disputes between association members and the board of directors

As business owners ourselves, we understand that it’s critical to find economical, expedient solutions that limit rancor between parties. We make every effort to identify a cost-effective, fair approach when legal problems emerge.

We are mindful of the impact a dispute or misunderstanding can have on individual HOA members, the board of directors and other stakeholders. To that end, we will seek out a remedy that asserts your interests while preserving the peace throughout your community.

Discuss Your Concerns With Us Today

We recognize that your time is valuable and your questions are urgent, which is why our attorneys respond promptly to client inquiries. Share your concerns with us via our online form or by calling 281-480-1211 today, and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.