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Helping Landlords Enforce Their Rights And Reclaim Their Properties

A tenant who won’t pay or won’t leave is costing you money every day. But pursuing collections or evictions also drains your time and finances.

The real estate lawyers of Gregg & Gregg, P.C., represent landlords in the Greater Houston area in tenant disputes and eviction proceedings, both commercial and residential. We help landlords regain possession of their property in timely fashion, and we handle everything from start to finish so that you can focus on managing your properties and attending to your paying tenants.

Full-Service Landlord Representation In Disputes And Evictions

We represent commercial landlords, multi-family residential landlords and property management companies who are in a dispute with tenants over unpaid rent or other lease violations. Our Texas landlord-tenant lawyers handle all aspects of unlawful detainer actions (evictions) from inception to finish, including:

  • Serving the tenant with proper Notice to Vacate
  • Filing in JP Court and trying the lawsuit
  • Defending the landlord if the tenant appeals
  • Arranging for sheriff removal, if necessary
  • Pursuing judgments and liens against individuals

Even after the COVID moratoriums ended, tenants have been more willing to fight evictions. Our attorneys are equipped to fight back, defending our landlord clients through all JP Court proceedings and legal appeals. We regularly visit the properties in question to understand the situation and advocate all the more effectively to ensure our clients’ rights are upheld.

Post-Eviction Remedies And Relief

We do attempt to recover unpaid rent when it is cost-effective and feasible. We seek judgments for the arrears and advise landlords to pursue an Abstract of Judgment that creates a lien against the party and their personal property. If that defaulted tenant tries to buy a house or commercial property in the future, they will have to first satisfy the outstanding lien.

Make The Call To Get Your Property Back

We understand both the urgency and the strict protocols that landlords must follow before they can evict and repossess. Our lawyers act swiftly and surely to resolve tenant disputes or to evict your tenant who cannot or will not honor the lease. Call our Houston law office at 281-480-1211 to arrange a consultation or contact us online.