We handle all types of municipal law, public affairs, real estate law, homeowner association law, estate planning and business law.

Helping Clients Navigate Challenging Real Estate Matters

Throughout the Greater Houston area, our attorneys are known as the “go-to” team for complex real estate disputes. Gregg & Gregg, P.C., has experience with a broad range of transactional and litigation matters involving residential and commercial properties in Texas.

Our clientele in real estate law includes homeowner and townhome associations (HOAs), municipalities and agency heads, landlords, developers, title companies, mortgage lenders, commercial tenants, brokers and agents, and homeowners and homebuyers.

Comprehensive Experience In Texas Real Estate Law And Litigation

Our lawyers bring decades of real estate experience to every case we take. Our broad range of transactional and litigation services includes:

  • Contract negotiation, drafting and review of sale, lease and purchase agreements
  • Assistance with land use, zoning, covenant and adverse possession issues
  • Landlord representation in tenant-landlord disputes for evictions and other conflicts
  • Counsel to homeowner/townhome associations in disputes with owners
  • Document review, preparation of loan documents and title search for title companies during real estate closings
  • Preparation of warranty deeds, deeds of trusts, promissory notes, guarantee agreements
  • Title disputes and title insurance claims
  • Property disputes (boundary surveys, right-of-way, easements, adverse possession)
  • Defense of brokers and realtors sued for fraud or misrepresentation
  • Representation of buyers and sellers in transactions and disputes

An Ounce Of Prevention

“I don’t need a lawyer for this.” All too often, those are famous last words. Even a seemingly straightforward real estate deal can go sideways. The best way to avoid costly errors and costlier lawsuits is to hire an experienced attorney to negotiate on your behalf and have them draft or review your documents. As a buyer, you can’t always trust that the agent is telling you the right thing or fully disclosing crucial details when you are making the biggest investment of your life.

Our firm is trusted by many large institutional clients and HOAs in Houston and beyond to attend to the details and protect their interests. We provide both hourly rate and set fee structures to make our services accessible and cost-effective for your needs.

Your Go-To For Anything Real Estate

Over their careers, our attorneys have advocated for thousands of clients in closings, hearings, negotiations and disputes. When your real estate investment is on the line, their experience can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Rely on our team at Gregg & Gregg to put their insight to work for you.

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