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What are the powers, duties and limitations of an HOA board?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2024 | HOA Law |

A homeowners association (HOA) is crucial in managing a residential community. Moreover, an HOA board oversees the operations of the association. If you are a member of an HOA board, how can you fulfill your role to achieve greater cooperation and collaboration with residents?

Powers and duties of an HOA board

According to the Texas Property Code, an HOA board has significant responsibilities within the community. Among their powers are the following:

  • Rule enforcement: An HOA board can enforce rules on various matters, such as property maintenance, noise levels and pet restrictions.
  • Financial management: The board has the power to manage the HOA’s finances. It must set budgets, collect fees and pay for community expenses.
  • Decision-making: The board’s decisions can greatly impact the community. Among its crucial decisions are hiring contractors for maintenance and approving architectural changes to homes.

As for its duties, an HOA board must hold regular meetings and enforce rules fairly. It should also maintain transparency with homeowners by giving them access to financial records and meeting minutes.

Limitations of an HOA board

Despite its powers and duties, an HOA board must operate within the boundaries of Texas law. It should also abide by its governing documents, including the community’s declaration, bylaws and rules.

Additionally, it cannot infringe upon the rights of homeowners. Therefore, there should always be due process before a homeowner faces penalties for a rule violation. Also, an HOA board must always make decisions in the best interests of its community.

Making positive contributions to the community

An HOA board wields great power in managing its community. With legal guidance on how to navigate HOA laws, you may protect your rights and respect limitations while accomplishing your duties. In addition, fulfilling your role according to the law can help you make positive contributions to your community.