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What are the rights of the condo association to enter my property?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Condominiums & Cooperatives |

Owning a condominium lets you get the financial benefits of homeownership while not having the same upkeep expenses as owning a traditional house. However, it also means you have to obey the condo association rules.

Specifically, you may have to allow access to your property if certain situations arise. The law outlines when the condo association can enter your property for maintenance.

Water-related issues

The law allows the condo association to have access inside your unit when there are issues associated with water that could lead to damage in surrounding units, such as broken or corroded pipes. The statute explains that if water is a common expense, then the association can take steps, including entering your home to help reduce waste.

Also, they have the right to access for the purpose of making repairs or upgrades as needed to benefit the whole condo or to prevent damage.

Notice required

Even though the condo association does have these rights to enter your property, it is still yours. As such, the association must give you reasonable notice before entering. The notice should allow you to make arrangements to be there or oversee the work done when inside your unit. However, the law does not give a specific time limit for providing the notice. For example, if the association will do routine repairs, at least 24 hours is usually an acceptable notice period. But if the matter at hand is an emergency, you may only receive an hour’s notice.

The bottom line is that even though you own your condo, the design of the living situation may require you to provide access to your home in situations where it would be advantageous for the condo as a whole.