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How does Senate Bill 1588 impact homeowner’s associations?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | HOA Law |

In 2021, Texas lawmakers passed Senate Bill 1588, which sets new restrictions in terms of how much power homeowners’ associations have over their residents. The bill includes many changes today’s homeowners and HOAs should know about, and many HOAs may have to update their policies and governing documents to get them in line with these new changes.

According to Click2Houston, the following are some key changes made by Senate Bill 1588 that homeowners and HOAs must be aware of moving forward.

Changes regarding pools and fencing

HOAs no longer have the right to ban residents from erecting fences around pools as a matter of safety. While an HOA may not ban a fence outright, it does retain the power to tell a resident what type of fence he or she may erect.

Changes regarding religious displays

Part of Senate Bill 1588 also prevents HOAs from ordering residents to remove religious displays they erect on their properties, such as crosses.

Changes regarding home security

Senate Bill 1588 also gives homeowners the right to put up security cameras and motion sensors without any interference from their HOAs.

Changes regarding meeting requirements

Senate Bill 1588 also makes stipulations about how HOAs have to amend their budgets. Since its passage. HOAs that plan to amend their budgets must do so in an open, public forum or meeting.

This is a brief overview of some of the many changes brought forth by the passage of Senate Bill 1588. Please note, however, that this is not an exhaustive list of all changes that may hold relevance for HOAs and those living under them.