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What are the new 2021 Texas HOA laws?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | HOA Law |

In September of 2021, several new homeowners’ association laws went into effect that may impact both these organizations and homeowners alike. According to the Texas Realtors website, Texas Legislature passed these new rules to bring a more even balance between the two.

Individuals who buy homes in communities under the direction of a Texas HOA may want to learn about these new laws so they can better negotiate with their local branch and understand their rights.

New HOA requirements

Under the new law, homeowners’ associations that either number 60 lots or sign a contract with a property management group must not only manage websites that assist their members with updated information regarding the HOA, such as meeting minutes and new announcements but must also present management certificates for that site. This may help HOA members feel more confident about the organization’s proceedings and where they kind find the latest information regarding its processes.

Improved lease privacy

The updated legislative law now forbids any HOA in Texas from viewing lease agreements between tenants and their landlords. This may help improve privacy issues some homeowners and renters experienced in the past. As of September, HOAs may only inquire about a tenant’s lease to obtain contact information, as well as data about the span of the lease or rental.

Reduced HOA interference for property owners

In the past, some Texas HOAs tried to dictate what items property owners could have on their lawns or houses, including security equipment and religion-based holiday decor. Under the new laws, no HOA in the state may bar or remove these items from any privately-owned property, even if that land is under a homeowners’ association region.

Other laws protect homeowners from delinquency charges without the benefit of payment options, which can guard their credit rating. Those who live in Texas HOA communities may want to ask their representatives how these new laws might affect them.