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Is it necessary to attend HOA meetings?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Firm News |

When you live in a Texas community with an HOA, you may receive notices regarding meetings to discuss community concerns. While it is certainly not mandatory to attend these meetings, there are some valuable benefits that may come from your participation.

Knowing what happens in a typical HOA meeting may help you determine your desire to attend.

Discussing events and concerns

Attending HOA meetings is a productive way to stay informed on the happenings within your community. Topics of discussion may include modifications to community amenities, updates to board-monitored regulations, planning of HOA-sponsored events, disciplinary actions for non-compliant residents and brainstorming sessions regarding community improvements.

Most HOA boards will create an agenda where you can view the discussion topics. With this information, you can make a list of questions or concerns you have so you can come to the meeting prepared.

Participating in change

HOAs can sometimes get a bad rap for creating divisiveness or restricting their residents too much. If you feel frustrated with your HOA, attending meetings is a way to voice your opinion and participate in creating change. According to Moving.com, some benefits of your participation may include the following:

  • Maintenance of property value
  • Opportunities to meet other residents
  • Gain volunteer experience
  • Influence rule change
  • Acquire leadership skills

A unified HOA board that collaborates with proactive residents can substantially support the value of the community. You can play an integral role in building and maintaining your community when you participate in forming and regulating rules. If you ever encounter legal issues involving your HOA, you may consider hiring an attorney to help you fight for justice.