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Staying in the know with your HOA

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | HOA Law |

When operated correctly, your HOA can add tremendous value to your experience as a homeowner in Texas. However, unethical practices, discriminatory rules and poor communication can undermine your entire community.

Poor communication is one of the more common reasons why you may feel irritated with your HOA. Knowing what to expect from them and how to stay informed may improve your experience.

Individual inquiries

Your HOA may or may not use a resident web portal to manage action items. Regardless of their preferred method of communication, they should have an adequate system in place that allows you and other community members to send inquiries, concerns and suggestions.

Once your HOA receives correspondence from community members, they should promptly respond. Poor response time or ignoring feedback from the community can cause tension and misunderstandings. When your HOA shows concern for your communication and issues a timely and thoughtful response, they can encourage understanding, respect and unity within your community.

Community discussion

Public discussion can benefit the community, particularly when determining decisions related to the area and its members. According to U.S. News, when your HOA holds public forums, plan to attend and voice your opinion. This is an excellent way to stay involved in your community and participate in making decisions that will improve and protect your neighborhood. When sending out public notices, your HOA should keep messages concise and informative, eliminating unnecessary details.

You deserve to feel safe and valued in your community. If you have experienced unfair or illegal treatment from your HOA, you have the right to take legal action.